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Bakso is one of the most favorable foods to Indonesian. Despite its delicacy, the price is also relatively cheap. Even Obama, the USA’s president, during his visit to Indonesia, said that Bakso is one of his favorable foods. Due to the high number of its consumers, Bakso is very ubiquitous. Bakso vendors can be found from an alley to the big market. For some people, Bakso has even been their daily food.

In fact, Bakso plays important role on poor economy cycle because most Bakso vendors are people with low income level. The high number of Bakso consumers provides job opportunities for Bakso vendors and it decreases the number of unemployment in this country.

In other hand, some of Bakso ingredients are believed to be harmful for people’ healthy. In order to give better taste, many Bakso vendors add additive substance to their product regardless of the nutritional values. One of the additive substances is MSG (monosodium glutamate). As a matter of fact, MSG may not be harmful if it is consumed in accordance with legal standard level by issued by the Government. In contrast, if it is consumed in excessive number, this substance will be accumulated in our body and will give various diseases. Therefore, the more frequent the consumers consumed Bakso, the more the MSG substance will be accumulated in their body.

Most of Bakso are made of beef meat that has cholesterol. Our body needs fat/cholesterol to support our activity, but it should be in proportional number. So it is recommended to consume Bakso inexcessively.

The consumers should also be aware of the hygiene of Bakso vendors. Some of them never wash the plates and spoons using pure clean water and it has a potential risk to spread various diseases. Although not all Bakso vendors are poor in terms of hygiene, being selective to the Bakso vendor is necessary if we care our health.

In conclusion, it is not prohibited to consume Bakso. However, people should consider how much they ate and hygiene or cleanliness of the Bakso vendors.

Written by Khairul Syahri | The Executive Board of HEC

Open Recruitment 2015/2016

The time is on! HEC’s opening up slots to fill in the Executive board! So for those of you who have been hesitant to join Hasanuddin English Community, this is your opportunity!

here is the details extended

Date : Sunday, january 3rd 2016
Time : 09.00 am untill 03.00 pm
Venue : Base Floor, Ipteks Building of Hasanuddin University

here is what you bring

* Stationery
* Curriculum Vitae
* Photos 4x6 (2 pieces)
* Fee (20K)

The test be divided into two phases. the first is writing test and the last is interview test. the test will only take about 10 minutes. afterwards, you can go home after finishing the test.

see you on D-Day!!

More info :

Phone :
0896-6121-2179 (Fajar)
0852-4280-3585 (Rahmat)
Line : mkda03
BB : 5528BB5A
Fb fanpage :
Twitter : @hec_makassar
Instagram : @hec_makassar

Students' Orientation Nowadays

Indonesia Students Orientation is widely known as OSPEK (Student Orientation and Campus Introduction) for tertiary student level and MOS for Junior and Senior High School. Before actively participating within learning process, the students are obliged to participate in this activity. The main purpose of the implementation OSPEK in university is as an introduction for freshman about the campus, academic activities and also extracurricular activities.

The Ospek and Mos have been practiced in Indonesia since the 1950s. Unfortunately, the major problem is this campus orientation practiced seemingly by imposing violance conduct physically and verbally. It is undeniable that one thing comes first when people imagine the student orientation it would be bullying, violence, harassment, coercion, oppression.

The senior students always become the committee of this orientation and most of them manipulates this activity. The freshmen are sometimes treated unethically. They are often ordered to wear unusual and weird accessories or hairstyles to embarrass themselves only to entertain the seniors. Far more profound, this tradition seems has violated the purpose of Campus Orientation and indeed, this has no relation to the introduction process of the campus. Punishments are also uncommon. The students are punished due to simple problems Another crazy thing is the seniors create regulation which is beneficial for them that consist of 2 statements: 1st seniors never wrong; and 2nd if the seniors are wrong, do apply the first statement.

In proportion to Indonesian Campus Orientation, western educational institutions provide a better and beneficial system of campus orientation. The aim of this orientation is truly to introduce the campus and its surroundings. Besides, the freshmen are asked to develop their critical thinking by dividing them into a group in order to know each other followed by discussion and presentation concerning certain issues. Surely, this will be an effective method to sustain the educational development.

As a final point, OSPEK practically gives more harm than good. Setting good values to the freshmen under the senior pressure would never be effective and it may cause the psychologial trauma. Therefore, it is believed that OSPEK should be banned and replaced with new orientation system.

By: Rozaini Abidin | Executive Board of HEC

Coal As An Alternative Fuel

Coal has composition which is similar to fuel oil, so that coal can be an alternative source of liquid fuels. Unfortunately the government solely exploits coal by the two functions, The first is exporting coal that ranges from 75%-80% and the second is the function as electric steam power plant. The writer believes that these potential resources are possible to be exploited more than those two functions, therefore The government should stop exporting coals to other countriy and process them as indonesian potensial enery.

The first reason is indonesia is not abundant in terms of non renewable resources including fuel but in fact, indonesia still becomes the major petroleum consumers. As a result indonesian government had to spent 20 Million USD in 2014 to import not only fuel but also refined oil.

The second reason is the availability of coal in indonesia which is very abundant and has been proven to reach 120 Tons of all over indonesia. Because of the highly abundance of availability, the government should be able to utilize it as an alternative to resolve the problem of the increasing level of high level fuel consumption in indonesia.

The third reason is to process raw commodities such as coal that will establish a new industry. Indsutries in indonesia seems to be a chain of interconnection. If a new industry develops, it will encourage the establishment of other industries. By developing new industries more employment will be provided.

As a final point, coal should not be exploited to produce processed materials for electricity purpose and for export use because coal could be utilized to prosper the society. The government should stop exporting coals to other countries and process them as indonesian potential energy. By processing coal in our country as fuel, the society of indonesia will not be difficult to buy and acquire fuel.

By: Rischa Pratiwi Sahrum | Executive Board of Hasanuddin English Community

Prohibition of Second Clothing Import (Cakar)

As is generally accepted, people all over the world are in need of clothes. The clothes are very useful. It can cover our bodies and prevent direct radiation of Sun that is potentially harmful to our skin and so on. With respect to the fashion, people may also prefer certain characteristic or type of clothes differently. Therefore, importing second clothing or locally known as Cakar is one alternative to provide and distribute various clothes with low price that may seem to be interesting to the people.

Surprisingly, there has been an investigation that revealed the existence of alien substance such as micro organism and bacteria on these second clothes. In response to this investigation, people with low economy caste wondered about the new policy that has been issued to stop the distribution of this imported second clothing due to these potentially dangerous substances.

 In fact, the prohibition of imported second stuff including second clothinghas been applied in this country but unfortunately, it seems the government has no concern with this issue. At last, the minister of trade, RahmatGobel, took step to moderate this issue. “Imported second clothing isseriously dangerous and it may cause various diseases such as itch, skin transferred disease nad on the fatal level, it may cause HIV,” The Minister said.

  Absolutely, the pro and cons has become evident among the traders. They claim that they can only gain sufficient income to ‘make end meet’ from the trading of those second stuffs. The traders even explained further that the buyers could put their second clothing into the hot boiled water, so that there will be no microorganism remained.

 In addition, almost all costumer of this second clothing are those with low economy class. They assume it is the surest way to find clothes which have good quality and low price. They prefer to go to cakar rather than go to the mall to find qualified clothes due to lack of money.

  This new policy should consider the rights of both the buyer and the seller. It should also have solution to the merchants on how to gain sufficient income beside of selling second clothes. In the other hand, this policy automatically will increasethe national income (Cakar) because people buys their own local product.

Written By : M. Herdian Fajar│The President of HEC

The Promotion of Cabinet Member

Political system is a complete sequence which consists of various elements of government works and influences in order to achieve the political objectives. The aim of political system is to sustain national welfare, intellectual life of the nation, participation within the establishment of the world order in accordance with freedom of expression, lasting peace and social justice. Presidential system is the political system applied in Indonesia. It implies that the executive agents are directly elected by its people. Ironically, the cabinet as the executive agent is elected by the president.
The Cabinet members are the agents who are responsible for the authority to intercommunicate with the president. It is believed that the Cabinet members should be elected by the people instead of the president because as is generally known, Indonesia is a democratic country and this identity should be upheld because the people of a country have rights to participate within the election of The Cabinet members with respect to the democratic value.

The second argument is if president directly choose the cabinet member, nepotism may happen. The president would elect the candidate who will not oppose to his policies. Therefore, it will be easier to manipulate financial sector. This indeed will obstruct the national development.

To sum up, the people of Indonesia must be aware of the transparency of the government and the participation in the political engagement including to elect the professional candidates who are able to assist the president.

By Fitriani  || Internal Of HEC 

HEC English Competition

Kemajuan teknologi dan tantangan global yang semakin meningkat, menuntut kemampuan generasi muda untuk memiliki skill yang dapat mengantarkan mereka menuju dunia Internasional. Salah satu skill yang patut untuk dikuasai adalah Bahasa Inggris sebagai bahasa Internasional. Meskipun menguasai Bahasa Inggris bukanlah satu-satunya indicator keberasilan, namun penguasaan bahasa internasional merupakan salah satu titik awal untuk memasuki pintu gerbang menuju kesuksesan dan keikutsertaan dalam dunia internasional.

English competition yang terdiri dari Speech Contest, Wall Magazine, Writing Contest, dan Story Telling ini ditujukan khusus untuk pelajar pada tingkat Sekolah Menengah Atas (SMA) se-Sulawesi Selatan. Kegiatan ini dikemas dalam bentuk kompetisi ini diharapkan dapat memacu jiwa kompetisi dari para pemuda khususnya pada pelajar, di sisi lain dapat menjadi ajang yang dapat mewujudkan minat dan bakat dari generasi muda, serta melatih kemampuan berbahasa Inggris baik secara verbal maupun non verbal, serta sebagai wadah komunikasi secara aktif. Agar nantinya para peserta memiliki tambahan pengalaman dalam penerapan keterampilan berbahasa Inggris.

Berdasarkan latar belakang tersebut, Hasanuddin English Community sebagai salah satu komunitas yang peduli terhadap dunia pendidikan dan pengembangan kemampuan pemuda di Makassar bekerja sama dengan Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa (UKM) English Meeting Universitas "45" Bosowa Makassar, turut bertanggung jawab untuk melaksanakan kegiatan English Competition ini.

      Nama kegiatan ini adalah “English Competition” yang merupakan salah – satu program kerja Hasanuddin English Community (HEC) yang dikelola oleh Program Director of HEC.

      Kegiatan ini bertujuan untuk
1.       Mengembangkan kompetensi Bahasa Inggris baik secara verbal maupun non verbal.
2.       Meningkatkan kesadaran akan fungsi dan peran bahasa Inggris terhadap pencapaian tujuan pendidikan. 
3.       Memperluas eksistensi bahasa Inggris utamanya di Kota Makassar. 
4.       Memperat tali persaudaraan antar pelajar dan mahasiswa se-Makassar. 
5.       Mengoptimalkan pengembangan minat dan bakat dan kemampuan bahasa Inggris di kalangan pelajar dan mahasiswa.

   Hari/Tanggal           : Senin, 14 September 2015
   Pukul                     : 08.00 Wita - Selesai
   Tempat                  : Gedung Balai Sidang "45" Bosowa

     Sasaran kegiatan ini adalah pelajar SMA/SMK/MA se-Sulawesi Selatan yang ingin ikut berpartisipasi pada kegiatan ujian English Competition ini.
Registration Rules and Regulation
Story List English Competition

Contact Person:
Ardi : 085222999003
Irwan : 089671101479
Ali : 08972996420

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